Got a 14 week old Saint Bernard. He is very shy. What Can I do to help with his shyness?

When we brought him home first thing he did was try to find a hiding place in the corner. Now he just sits in his corner all day and wont go anywhere with us. When we take him on walks he just lies down wherever he is or tries to find a hiding spot. What should I do to get him acquainted with me and help with his shyness?

Asked by Member 1083323 on Jan 9th 2012 in Socialization
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1st i would see what he likes and use that as a tool, for example say your dog likes treats when he/she is on a walk have the treat and your hand while you walk. Also get your bet socialized, your pet needs to be around other dogs, cats and humans. Also take your dog to a pet trainer to see what he/she can do. Also take he/her out to the dog park and at some places they have socialization class. Try this it might help
or your dog might develop aggression

Romeo answered on 1/10/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


1: Take it out for a walk/jog at least a couple times a day.
2: If it’s bad weather, take it in the Car.
3: Play with it inside, fetch the ball or tug-o-war.
4: Make/bake special treats for it.
5: Let it nap in your lap, and pet it constantly.
6: Create several nice fluffy beds around the house where it can nap comfortably during the day.
7: Allow it to sleep with you, and give up your Pillow to it, if it wants it.
8: Sing, talk and read to it.
9: Buy several types of Treats, and expensive dog food.
10: Praise it for just about anything it does.
11: Groom it gently, and focus on the spots which makes its hind leg jump.
12: When you have meat for a meal, cut some nice juicy bits off your steak for it to eat later.
13: Make sure you take it out to potty regularly, set your Alarm Clock if you can’t wake up at night.
14: When you go out to eat, make sure you get a Doggy Take out, and bring tidbits back for it.
15: When it’s taking a nap, hide several Treats around the house, where it can find them later.

Make a copy of these instructions, post/give them to the other members of your household, with special emphasis to follow them closely, and not do anything to spoil your Dog.

Becca answered on 1/10/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Toss some really tasty treats on the floor by him and ignore him. He should come closer, toss a few more treats. Let him get used to your presence.

Take it slow. Touch him gently if he lets you. Give him a treat.

Let him have his corner for safety. Once he gets comfortable he will come out.

For walks, talk to him in an excited happy tone. Don't pull at him just crouch down and play with the grass or ground with your fingers really interested (its like you are sniffing the ground)... he should come over and be curious

Let him lay down outside and get used to things. You of course will be there pointing out cool things like a neighbor or a flower. That should help him start to socialize to things.

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Jax (earned her wings 5/30/12)

The book "The Cautious Canine" helped me with Jax. It's very thin, but packed with helpful hints. I agree with the other posters. They gave you good advice. Good Luck!

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