German Shepherd : My dog has been shaking his head. What is wrong?

He is just over a year and a german sheperd. He saw the vet and she said it may be his ears. but I don't know. Don't all dog shake their heads. Also. the vet used a q tip to sort of clean it. But since she did n't use a ear cleaner. Is it possible she hurt his ears. The vet said that one ear was redder ,but the redder ear was the one she touched. What do the dog owners out there say. Any recommendations on ear cleaners. Also could someone please tell me if something is wrong with my dog?Do German shepherds need to clean their ears?

Asked by Member 836569 on Jan 25th 2010 Tagged ear, germanshepherd, shaking, largebreed in Other Health & Wellness
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Unfortunately, it's impossible for anyone here to tell you exactly, or for sure, what is wrong with your doggie. But I think it's a safe bet if he's constantly flapping his ears and he has some redness in his ears that it's possible he has an ear infection.

I personally would never use a q-tip to clean a dog's ear, and I'm sort of suspicious of a vet who would do this. Dogs have very sensitive ears and just using a q-tip can cause problems. As for ear washes or cleansers, I would recommend a vet medical grade brand called Virbac. Dogs with sensitive ears can have infections CAUSED by ear washes, so until you get some vet guidance and those ears diagnosed, maybe best to hold off using that.

Most ear infections are yeast based and can be caused by moisture or food allergies/intolerances. Medicated drops usually cure these infections fast so if you need a second opinion then I'd do that as soon as possible to get a definitive diagnosis.

Good luck!

Jack answered on Jan 25th.

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Vance CGC

All dogs shake their heads, but it is part of their language. They literally shake off stress. Look up calming signals for more information. A dog consistantly, repetedly shaking his head has a medical issue.

I would go to a different vet for a second opinion. What you describe sounds like fairly typical ear infection issues. German Shepherds don't necessarily need their ears cleaned, some do though. It's not uncommon for this type of issue to be cause by a food allergy.

Sadly, some German Shepherds have a genetic neurological condition that affects their spine. It's most often seen as difficulty using the back legs, but can also cause head tilting or weaving. Thankfully it does not cause pain, and many dogs live happy lives in spite of the condition. It doesn't sound like this is what he has, but it's good to keep in the back of your mind.

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