Frontline Plus help?

I used Frontline Plus on my 8 month old dog yesterday. She was jumping a lot so it was already hard enough to pull back her hair and appy all of the medication from the container.
It's been about 19 hours since I did so and I just checked on her to see she has gained 2 more ticks since the last time I saw her. I don't know if I did it right? I did not apply it behind her shoulder blades, but a little lower than that. And I think I got most of it on top of her fur?
Do you think it'll take more time for it to work? Should I apply another dose of it?
Thank you x

Asked by Member 1123923 on Aug 3rd 2012 Tagged frontlineplus, medication, ticks, tick in Medications
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Frontline plus does not repel ticks, they need to bite the dog BEFORE they will die so you will still find ticks after using it.
Supposedly, it takes up to 12 hours for them to die after attaching to the dog.

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