Friendly dog suddenly scared - HELP?

We have an 11 month old black lab mix named Buddy, the friendliest, sweetest dog who loves every person and dog on the planet. Our house has a glass sliding door that leads to the backyard, which we use to walk the dog. He always runs outside and loves to go out.

3 days ago, the pest control man came and did his thing, and showed up near the sliding back door to spray around it. Buddy was lying near the door, and FREAKED OUT when he saw the man with the spray-pole. He wet himself, ran into the other room, and started shaking. He's never been so terrified of anything in the 8 months that we've had him.

Now, he's scared to go near the back door, AND he's jumping at every little noise. We literally have to drag him outside to walk him (thankfully he doesn't pee in the house or anything). We are really nervous, as it's already been 3 days and he hasn't gotten over it. What can we do to help him??? He's never been scared of anything! Any help is appreciated! Thank you.

Asked by Member 1198163 on Nov 7th 2013 in Behavior & Training
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