Foster was great the first two weeks we had her - now she's whining in the crate at night.

She wakes us up every two hours with her whining. I take her out the first time, but if she doesn't do anything, then I TRY ignore it. We tried moving the crate to the living room, but she barked NONSTOP all night. We've tried a bark collar (it worked wonders with my boxer/dane mix) but the noise she makes isn't up to the level of triggering it. She also responds to a "stop it!" and is quiet for another two hours (I know, I know, don't respond...but two hours is two hours!) We absolutely adore her and we can't give up on her - we're her 3rd foster family and she was on the e-list at county when she was only 12 weeks old! Could this be a separation anxiety issue? Jealousy of the other two fur kids that aren't crated at night any longer? I (and my peers as well - I get cranky when tired!) would really appreciate any advice.

Asked by Member 1122629 on Jul 26th 2012 Tagged foster, separationanxiety, crate in Crate Training
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