For those who have trained Vizslas, how do you find that they compare in terms of trainability to other breeds?

I am training Tesla (a Vizsla) as a Service Dog through a certified school, and her training is going reasonably well.

The suprising thing is that many people come up to me and comment on how odd it is that I am using a Vizsla instead of a lab or a golden, because many people find Vizslas too difficult to train.

I have never tried to train a lab so I do not know.

Has anyone else here done reasonably advanced training with a Vizsla, and if so, what are your thought on the breed in terms of trainability?

I am not having any problems with training, I am just curious!

Asked by Member 602642 on Oct 17th 2008 Tagged training, trainability in Vizsla
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