For everyone who doesn't know beagles bark alot!!!! but when it becomes too much what do you do??

I have a 6 year old beagle. She barks at everything, a shadow on teh floor, people, or even if there is nothing there. It is becoming annpying and daddy has said taht he is gonna get her a shock collar if the barking doesn't go down soon. I don't want her to have that, she is afraid of everything much less a collar. Any Ideas on how to help??

Asked by Member 506724 on Sep 25th 2007 Tagged barking in Beagle
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Buddy Boy

Is she getting exercise? People so often have so many problems with dogs and never think of exercise as being the solution. And running around the house and backyard don't count. Disciplined walks! She is probably just really bored. A lot of dogs get bored and do things like bark, chew things, etc.
So a shock collar will help, but its not a kind thing to do when you can probably solve the problem other ways.

Buddy Boy answered on Sep 25th.

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Definitely don't do the shock collar, at least not yet.

Have you tried using a command word to keep her from barking? If not, make sure your reaction to her barking is calm, firm and not yelling at her. She will interpret a frantic or loud response from you to be backing her up, or it might make her think there's truly REASON to bark. A calm, but forceful "quiet" is a good way to start. Each time she barks, say Quiet and get in a position where you can make eye contact with her.

It there's no response at all, cut up a wrapping paper cardboard roll to about six inches. Close off one side with duct tape, then fill the tube with beans or Xmas bells, then tape the other end and all around. When she barks, shake this near her, while calmly saying "Quiet." If she's fearful, this will probably scare her a bit, at first, but she'll get the message quicker. Something unpleasant BUT it doesn't hurt her happens when she barks. She'll come around.

Jack answered on 9/25/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer


Ironically, it may help to teach her "Speak." The theory is that she will learn there is an appropriate time to bark, which means there are times it is not appropriate. Sometimes Annie will be trying to hard not to bark, and if I ask her to Speak she lets out one loud bark and is done after that.

You could also try a "no-bark collar." These spray citronella in front of the dog when it raises its head to bark. This is an unpleasant smell for the dog, but does not hurt her. It can be a helpful short-term solution, but is not necessarily realistic for a long-term answer.

Annie answered on 9/25/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer