Fluid-Filled Sack In the Ear Flap???????

We have a six-year-old beagle, and just today we noticed a fluid filled sack in her ear flap. It hurts if you rub it, and it moves around slightly. Please help us figure out what this is!!

Asked by Angel on May 19th 2009 Tagged ear, pus in Other Health & Wellness
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Hello! It sounds like what your beagle has is a hematoma. It's a blood-filled sac caused by your dog shaking her head --- blood is forced to the outer edges of the ear because of centrifugal force. It's usually secondary to ear infection, which is more common in dogs with long, floppy ears like beagles. The ear infection/ear mites come along and bother the ear, the dog shakes their head a lot, the dog gets a hematoma.

Has your dog ever had ear issues? Hematomas can be serious and need to be drained by a vet. They will make an incision, drain it, and stitch it. She should also be treated for the underlying cause which is making her shake her head.

Best of luck to both of you!

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