Pablo Buster

Fixed a week and can't potty?

Pablo Buster (16 month old Chi) got neutered last week (8 days now I guess) and he seems to not be able to go potty. He will tell me he has to go, so I will take him out. Once outside he smells everywhere and may even stop, but he won't lift his leg or sqat (just to clarify nothing comes out either). This has gotten worse over the last 3 days (more often than not as opposed to just once or so a day). Should I take him to the emergency vet (his regular vet is closed on the weekends) or should I just wait for his regular vet? Am I worrying for nothing?

Asked by Pablo Buster on Oct 21st 2011 Tagged chihuahua, neuter, pottty, notableto, fixed, vet, worry in Spaying & Neutering
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Definitely take him to the emergency room! This is not normal for a dog who just got fixed, he should be able to pee.

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