Female Chorkie trained to go OUTSIDE but I want to train her to go INSIDE like my other Chorkie. Help!

I recently got my self a 7 month year old female chorkie puppy that is trained to go potty OUTSIDE. I want to train her to go on a paper INSIDE like my other 6 month year old male chorkie. I am away from the house 9-10 hours a day and this is the best option. I have a paper set up in the bathroom and my Male Chorkie goes on the paper just fine. The female is having trouble understanding going on the paper. She is holding it for long periods of time -probably because she is waiting to go outside - I have tried teaching her "go potty" on the paper and then we she goes in the house I rush her over to the paper. She is really struggling with this. HELP! Can she be re-trained or not???

Asked by Member 1155144 on Feb 13th 2013 Tagged pottytraining in Housebreaking
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