Female American Pitbull Terrier pee's when I call her!

We have an amazing American Pitbull Terrier that we got from a shelter almost a year ago and for some reason whenever my Husband is not at home I cannot call her name without her peeing and looking scared! Our boys can call her and she is fine but as soon as I call her name she acts like she's in trouble and did something bad when she's done nothing wrong. I have nothing but love for my little doggie girl and it breaks my heart to see her do this. We do not yell at or hit our animals and I have no idea where this behavior is coming from. As soon as my Husband comes home she is fine and stops doing it. Any info or advise on what this is and how to fix it would rock! Hope your all having a fantatic day :)

Asked by Devin on May 14th 2013 Tagged peeing, eliminating, scared, fear in Fears & Phobias
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