Feeding My Maltese?

I read some other answers but they quite didn't answer my question.

As you all know I'm a first time dog owner,and my Dee-Dee is a Maltese he weights 10 pounds--Please can anyone tell me how much food should I be feeding him? Should I go by what is on the packages---I don't want my dog to be over weight.

Asked by Dee-Dee on Oct 21st 2008 Tagged maltesefeedingamount in Pet Food
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I feed my Maltese an organic food. Natural Balance. She has always done well on this but recently had an attack of pancreatitis and can no longer tolerate that food. Had to switch her to Science Diet I/D which is a very bland diet for intestinal problems. I'm not a big fan of Science Diet but until I can find a suitable alternative, that's what she is on.

It's super important to feed your dog a high quality dog food - no supermarket brands!

Get a recommendation from your vet and I would say based on my Maltese who is the same size as your dog - 1/2 c. per day is just about right, that's exactly what I feed mine. Maltese should way between 6 and 9 lbs typically, I know mine being 10.5 lbs is tipping the scale and all she gets is her dog food and a few occasional healthy treats. Your dog is on the high end of the scale for a Maltese too so whatever you choose, watch the portions and "extras" like dog treats - that all factors in to their serving allowance.

Zoe answered on Oct 24th.

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If you want the best for your Maltese, you might think about feeding a balanced raw meat diet. Know Better Dog Food website can help you with the balancing. If you are uncomfortable with raw, you can always cook the meat. A 10 pound dog will need about 1/4 pound of balanced meat diet per day. This equals about 1/2 cup. For a dog as small as this, it's very easy to feed the best diet on the planet, and doesn't cost much either.

Member 712334 answered on 10/21/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Have you gotten advice from a Vet on an optimum, healthy weight? Is he well behaved, or does he destroy/chew, get into trash? Are you looking at feeding qtys on grocery store brand food, or those sold at specialty stores? Do you feed scraps/people food?

Here's what I've learned. Grocery brand foods should always be avoided. They seem a bargain, but they're not, as most list the cheap filler, corn meal, in 1st 4 ingredients, and so require a large feeding qty to make up for lack of nutrients.

Big qty cheap food = large/frequent waste clean-up. This poor diet is also the leading cause of destructive behavior. Paper/cloth/wood objects are destroyed/eaten, in an instinctual effort to supplement a diet lacking fiber and other required nutrients.

My 8 yr APBT is always 55 lbs, happy, smart, & healthy, muscular w/ no body fat, & eats just under 2 cups/day. Grocery store brands recommend 5 -7 cups for his weight!

Hope this helped. Good luck!

Gilligan answered on 10/22/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


we have a very fussy Maltese eater!! we got Otis a couple of months ago and of course wouldn't give him up for the world. But he is a very fussy eater. Doesn't eat dry food much, this I think is from him having to have some teeth pulled b4 we got him. But every now and then he'll eat some. He loves his Cesar Chicken & Liver. I normally give it to him every other day, rotate it with meals I've cooked him. I mainly cook him chicken, beef or lamb, with a bit of rice about 1/2 - 1 cup. I never put any spices in it, he prefers it plain anyway. Maltese can over eat, and im sure if you kept putting food in front of them they would keep eating it, to the point where they make themselves sick.
But just space your meals out, like a small snack in the morning when you're having breakfast then the same at your main meal time. I find if I give him his doggie food just before we are ready to eat, us eating in front of him doesn't worry him. But each dog is different, Im sure you'll be great mom.

Otis answered on 10/27/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer