Experiencing terrible problems with my dog of 9 years - soiling in house after baby born 2 years ago, please help!

My dog Millie is 9 years old and for many years she was my best friend. There was just Millie and myself and she was the perfect dog. However, 4 years ago I met my partner who moved in with us. For a while Millie rebelled and started to do her business in the house, I appreciated this was probably due to a change in environment and as expected this didnt last long at all. Our son was born two years ago and I can honestly say as fantastic as she is with him, she's been an absolute nightmare ever since. The problem of her doing her business in the house, weeing and soiling on the carpets was inconsistent and sometimes she would be clean for two to three weeks, however, I drew the line when she urinated in my son's bedroom and now we have to lock her in the kitchen whilst we're out at work. To clarify, she only ever does this when we're all out of the house. Admittedly Millie doesn't get as much attention as she used to, this is very hard with a new addition to the family, however, she will still do this in the kitchen having been taken for a run first thing in the morning, before we leave for work, she still sleeps upstairs in our room, albeit no longer in the bed but in her bed at the bottom of ours. She was my best friend and I love her so much, but I am really beginning to resent her and slowing falling out of love her with her. She is such a lovely dog, but she is so clingy all the time, wining when she sees us getting ready to go out, and it's at the point where I dread coming home to 10 minutes of having to clean and disinfect the kitchen lino floor. We now put newspaper down to help protect the flooring from the urine but this seems to have made it worse in that she retaliates by scrunching all the paper up and spreads her busiiness all around the kitchen as if she knows it will be harder for us to clean. The vet has pleaded with us not to fall out of love with her as he sees this all the time, we followed his advice and upon returning home to her mess, never shouted or gave her any attention, we don't even let her see us clean the mess up, but this was over a year ago and it is obviously not working. I am really desperate here and just don't see her behaviour improving any time soon. I don't know what to do and this is making me so unhappy, she used to be so good. I appreciate that this may be separation anxiety but for 2 years?? Will this ever end? I would really appreciate any help and advice anyone has to offer re this matter. Thank you. A desperate and unhappy dog owner :-)

Asked by Member 1173003 on May 31st 2013 in House Soiling
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