English bulldog eats and drinks to much, he always has many soft stools and urinates every 30 minutes!

My english bulldog puppy(5 months)if I let him would eat 6-7 cups of food and then he can drink so much. I do not let him! He sometimes does it when he breaks into the dog food bag!! which happens a lot. Right now we are giving him 3 cups of food mid morning and let him have a whole bowl of water until it if gone and both bowls are usually gone within 5 minutes. He has 5-6 very soft moderate to large BMS a day and it usually all over my floor and not all at once. He urinates every 30-45 minutes. He has been like this since 11 weeks when we got him and I have dewormed him 2 times already. I hope someone has some advice for me!!

Asked by Member 1030448 on Apr 15th 2011 Tagged eating, bms, urinating, tomuch in Other Food & Nutrition
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It sounds like your boy doesn't know how to self regulate. Many dogs do not self regulate when it comes to food.

Keep the bag of food out of his reach. On top of the fridge, or under a counter with a latch on it so he can't get in.
Rather than feed him 3 cups once a day, try feeding him 1.5 cups twice a day, or 1 cup three times.
If his stools are so large and soft you may even need to cut down on his food intake period. I feed my 65 lb dog 3 cups of TotW daily (split into two meals) and her stools are on the verge of soft.

Don't give him a full bowl of water.
Give him half a bowl in the morning, half at lunch time (if you're able) and then half around supper time and take it away before going to bed.

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Kolbe is right... most dogs cannot regulate how much they eat, and bulldogs are definitely one of those breeds. It is up to YOU to only feed him the correct amount. I agree that perhaps one cup three times a day is best, DEPENDING on what food you are feeding him.
Extra weight, especially in a large boned puppy such as a bulldog, will cause MAJOR joint and bone issues if it continues. It is best to keep him lean while he is growing.
The extra water intake is most likely due to his needing extra fluid to compensate for all that kibble.
Admittedly, my Frenchie puppies are smaller, but they ONLY eat one cup a day as 5 month old babies, and that is divided either into half morning and night or 1/3 three times a day.
I hope you are not just worming him willy nilly... that stuff is a poison and should not be given unless you actually have a stool exam done by a veterinarian and they prescribe it. The soft stools are most likely due to the huge volume of food he is eating and not para

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Agree totally. Canines are opportunistic eaters, so he will eat til he can't stand unless you regulate the food.
I see no reason to assume he has parasites, unless he eats like this and is too skinny.

Split his food into 2 meals. Measure 1.5 cups into the bowl each meal.
If he eats fast, slow him down by spreading his food out in a large pan.
Keep him from getting into the bag by keeping it in a large metal can. I bought one at the hardware store, it's like a small trash can with a tight fitting lid.
If he still is pooping large soft stools often, cut his food back to a smaller portion.
Try filling his water bowl with ice so he can only drink what has melted.

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J. J.

All the answers above are excellent suggestions, but you may also want to consider changing his food. Large, soft stools can often be a sign that he isn't digesting the food well. Check the ingredients of your food, and if it's chicken, try lamb. If it's beef, try chicken. Just try a different protein source, and many times this will correct this issue.

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Wendy my St Bernard was the same way at that same age but I found this big me3tal ball at petsmart that u can out in there water and food it slows there eating drinking down and makes them sorta have to work for their food so shes not as bad.

Wendy answered on 4/15/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Why is the dog food where he can reach it at all? Why are you randomly worming him- that is for a vet to decide. try feeding quality, grain free food and feed 2- 3 times a day half to one cup and give him 2 quarts of water, spread out. he does not need either in front of him all of the time as long as he is healthy. now excessive thirst can be a sign of diabetes and a few other things so, make sure the vet decides he is healthy and simply lacks self control then, you regulate his food and water so he goes out every 4-5 hours (one hour in per month of age)

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Just to clarify my question my english bulldog was dewormed by the vet, but we gave him the wormer at home just we got the wormer from the vet and he gave us to doses which one given right away another one to follow up in two weeks. The dog food has been moved to several different places, closet, downstairs and in a rubbermaid container and he has broken in to it in all several places he also steal from my other 3 dogs! We have also tried feeding more then once a day but the issue was still the same with his bowels and bladder issues. So thanks for everyone who did not attack me for assuming I just deworm my dogs all the time. I will also mention to my vet about diabetes testing thank you I would have never thought of that.

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I agree with other poster. A puppy eats in increments. You wouldn't want to risk Bloat. Which is very serious matter.
Also, buy a metal container and put the food in it. Put the container in a closet= he can't access it again.
My dog is a PIG. She broke into the door and she about died eating. so that is a serious issue

If your dog has excessive thirst as well, he needs his thyroid checked and he needs to be checked for other things like doggie diabetes.
Lots of food = lots of poop plus water= peeing lots.
At 5 months he should be fed twice a day.
A good vet will help you out on maintaining his weights.
Bulldogs love to eat. You can also end up with an obese dog.
I on top of this suggest you read every book you can find on English bulls. And contact a breeder in a breeders book or call AKC to have a breeder's phone # to mentor you good luck

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idk if it is the same for dogs as people but my mom works in the healthcare field and she said in people frequent thirst and urination are symptoms of diabetes. you may want to get his sugars checked by the vet just in case.

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First other people are right in that dogs are opportunist eaters. However, I would check the ingredients of the kibble. Is there a lot of sodium? Second if it is meat bi products you do not want to be giving it to your dog. Look for chicken, beef or lamb meal rather than bi products. The cheaper quality dog foods recommend that you feed more as a larger quantity is needed for nutrition. The higher quality although more expensive, recommend a lower quantity of dog food.
Alternatively you could either feed raw or cook for your dog. I personally cook for my sheltie.
If you want more information about preparing a diet go to my website

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