Elmo the 6 year old Min-Pin will pee on the floor at night

In the beginning he hated his crate and would bang his nose on the inside of it until his nose was raw & bleeding. So he does not use a crate. He has his own room and is littler box trained during the day while we are at work. About once a week he will pee on the floor (same area) at night. I remove his water dish at night and take him outside just before we go to bed. I have even tried tethering him to me with a leash in bed but he chewed through 3 of them and I am reluctant to try a fourth time. The only other time he pees on the floor is if we leave him loose in the house while we are out. If he is in his room, he will use his litter box.

Asked by Member 817214 on Mar 19th 2009 Tagged minpin, urinating, night, floor, potty, peeing in House Soiling
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Miss Priss

Well, Yes, I understand your concer about the Min-Pin having accidents....
How about, at night, putting on some male potty pants/ belly bands...
If he wets, at night, it will hit the belly band and he May NOT like the WET feeling.
It may make him stop wetting.

Or, try some cranberry pills and also some NuVET supplements.... It may be that he has a little urinary infection....Also, you can alway bring this up to your VET and have them do a urine test...
Here is a source to help with supplements...

Miss Priss answered on Mar 21st.

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Puzzle Piece

Take him to the vet to rule out a UTI.

Puzzle Piece answered on 3/19/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Since he is normally good about pottying, and you say it's happening in the same area each time, I would guess that it's because he can still smell his urine in that spot and is (out of instinct) continuing to mark that spot. I would suggest cleaning it with an enzyme cleaner such as PetZyme or Nature's Miracle. Regular carpet cleaners can take the smell away for us humans, but the dog can still smell it. A cleaner with enzymes gets it completely out so the dog is less likely to continue marking that area.

Wilson answered on 3/19/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer