Dog's paw pads are fallen off.

2 weeks ago my dog had a skin growth removed from his front right paw. The vet wrapped it and told me to remove it in a couple of days. I tried and after struggling with him for a few days, 3 of us were finally able to remove it. The bandage was on for a total of 5 days. He paw was swollen twice the size. I brought him to the vet the very next morning. The vet assured me he will be fine. 3 days later, his top pad completely fell off. Today I noticed his large bottom pad is falling off ad well. Called 2 vets and they're just telling me it takes time to heal and he should be fine. Can anyone please tell me what is happening, why his pads are just fallen off, or is this just normal and I'm just an overly worried momma? My dogs are the world to me and it kills me to see them unhappy.

Asked by Member 1151289 on Jan 22nd 2013 in Answers
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That sounds like an extremely urgent problem. I would take him to the nearest vet or animal hospital, regardless of what they say. There may be some mis-communication going on. What do you mean the pad has fallen completely off? Is it like an open wound? is there blood?

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