Dogs keep escaping out from fence.

I asked this question a while back but nothing has worked with dog proofing the fence. There's about 4-5 fence panels that have HUGE gaps under them. I have tried everything to try to keep the dogs in from getting out. Chicken wire, hot wire, fencing wire, wooden panels, 100-200 pound rocks, cement blocks, stakes, chains, etc., placed under the fence but nothing works, it all breaks and washes away.

The panels that I am wanting to fix so that the dogs won't get out are in a creek and when it rains, the weight of the water is so heavy that it breaks and/or washes away everything. Sometimes it's so bad, it actually bends the fence back to the other side of the fence, leaving a bigger opening for the dogs. When it doesn't rain, the whole area dries up.

What is the strongest thing you can think of to place in the gaps or to cover the gaps up? One of my dogs nearly escaped today. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Asked by Member 930032 on Jul 16th 2011 in Other Behavior & Training
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You have 2 problems, dog escapes through the fence and erosion from water in the dry creek.

Need to focus on fixing the dry creek and then the fence.

If you post some photo's I may be able to suggest a solution, I have some erosion issues I resolved on my property a couple years ago. Water is an amazing force, you can chanel it, slow it down, but not stop it.

Once allowances are made for the dry-creek during high water, a metal grate can be installed under the fence to keep the dog in and allow water to pass easily.
I'm thinking, cement, rocks and re-bar....maybe some pond liner. This website has the idea on a huge scale....

Snickers answered on Jul 17th.

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What we did in the back yard when our dogs were digging under the fence is to take chicken wire and nail it to the fence on the bottom. Then bury it about one or two feet in the ground. This way when the dog digs it finds more fence. We have even twisted the fence so that the end was flat on the ground under the dirt if that makes sense. I wish I could post pictures of it because it worked wonders with one of our little diggers.

Molly answered on 7/16/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer