Dogs and Chiropractic? Anyone have any tips using this method of wellness?

I have a very aggressive golden retriever. i have had him since he was 8 weeks old and he is now almost 7 years old, About three years ago he started being very aggressive towards people (usually only women, but there is the occasional male). No one seems to know why he took a sudden turn to be aggressive, but my question is that i do not want to medicate my dog as the vet has suggested for a thiroid problem, and i am wondring if chiropractic has help out anyone else's aggressive dog? Any advice is welcome,, Please to not comment unless you have respect for my question or my reasoning. Thanks You All

Asked by Dakoda on Nov 23rd 2011 Tagged aggression, chiropractic, wellness, health, trainning, behavioral in Alternative Treatments
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Bruno CGC

Hi, I'm a little curious about your aggressive stance towards people answering here (if you don't like someone's suggestions... just don't follow them!) but I'll give it a try anyway.

I don't think it would hurt to try chiropractic, if you go to a licensed, reputable practitioner. But keep in mind there is (unfortunately) a long history of chiropractors claiming to be able to fix (non-spinal/bone/joint) problems without any evidence that it works, and some chiropractors have even harmed people doing unnecessary procedures. Some medical doctors classify the whole profession as charlatans (unfair, yes) for this. So give it a try but don't believe anyone who sounds too good to be true.

Back to your vet and the thyroid problem- did they ever run any tests to see if he is low thyroid? I have personally seen thyroid hormone pills work WONDERS for low-thyroid dogs, it's like a miracle. And it's cheap and has no major side effects.

Another path is trying a veterinary behaviorist.

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