Dog was house-broken, now keeps going in the house.

I just got a 7 month old pitbull, the people who owned her before had her outside, but that's not an option where I'm living now. So I spent time training her to go outside, and she figured it out in about a week. but now, a month later, I'll take her out, she'll go poop and pee and I praise her for it. And as soon as I let her in, and let her out of my sight for five seconds, she's pooping and peeing on the floor! I rub her face in it, give her a firm "NO!" and chain her outside. Why in the world is she doing it, and how do I make her stop?

Asked by Member 1126964 on Aug 22nd 2012 in Housebreaking
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Do you walk her? How often and for how long? How does she behave on the walk? Just chaining her up outside doesn't teach her much of anything. You need to take her out and let her walk around he territory.

It also takes time. She is only 7 months old and has had a major change in her life already. It takes time to adapt, be consistent and patient. Watch her constantly and if you have to restrict what part of the house she can get in.


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