dog vulva is still swollen after heat cycle for many months

and last blood test showed platelets very low vet said if they were that low she would have kept bleeding for the point that blood was taken. They studied it under the microscope and said they are mocking white blood cells. Just wondering if the two symthoms are related. I really don't want to spade her until I can find out the reason for all this. Her vulva has been swollen for about a year now. 4 year old female yorkie

Asked by Member 667154 on Aug 6th 2008 in Health & Wellness
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Hmm...this is a different one.

Although, My APBT had a heat cycle, was administered an AI, and not only is she having a complete false pregnancy, she too is STILL swollen as if she remained in season, minus any fluids coming out. HORMONES. LOL She babies everything is site, kittens, lambs, you name it. I call it "Mommyitous". :)

Although, your dog's blood tests are interesting. No bacteria present? I am forever concerned about bacteria and Pyrometry developing. *sigh* it is truly devastating and can kill a female so quickly.

Be careful please. Sometimes the best thing to do is to spay. For the health of your girl, truly think about this quickly. You may never know the exact cause of the issue she is having, but just doing what is best for her health at this moment may be what matters most right now.

Like human Doctors, sometimes Vets can't find all the answers either. Just do what is best for her health right now.

Good luck....I hope all turns out well.

answered on Aug 6th.

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I see falsely decreased platelets a lot at work. It sound to me like your dog is a platelet clumpier. Meaning that either how they drew your girls blood could have aggravated the platelet to start them to come together (clump) or she could be like many humans and have a reaction to the anticoagulant in the tubes that her blood is put in too. If she is clumping due to the anticoagulant which is usually a lavender (EDTA) tube they can draw her in a light blue (sodium citrate) tube for the platelet value. They would just have to multiply the platelet value by the dilution value of the blue tube. If it where me I would have her blood retest with the two tube to see if she is a clumpier.

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