Dog scratching his ears.

My 3 month old Standard Poodle keeps scratching his ears and whining at the same time. He's been to the vet just before I got him two weeks ago and they gave him a clean bill of health. He was also at the groomer and they said his ears looked good. What could it be?

Asked by Timber on May 2nd 2012 in Health & Wellness
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Is he actually scratching his ears OR is he scratching at his collar???
I have had MANY new puppy owners call me to tell me their pup has an ear infection and is scratching their ears constantly. Upon examination, I've discovered the pup is just scratching at the collar since they rarely wear one when with their littermates. Suddenly, they go to a new home and there is this THING around their neck which they can feel everytime they move. As a result, they tend to scratch at it.
I would keep an eye on him and try to determine if he really is scratching his ears OR is he scratching at the area of the collar???
If it IS his ears then I would suggest you have your vet take a look. It is possible that either his breeder or the groomer pulled the hair out of his ears and irritated them, and he might need some antinflammatory ointment or drops for a few days.

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I would keep a close eye on it. I used to have a dutch shepherd and when I first got her and brought her home I noticed her scratching at her ears. I checked her ears and they were clean so I gave her a flea bath to make sure she didn't bring any into my home. Still she continued to scratch and whine. I took her to the vet and the ears was clean and was told she was fine. After a few weeks I noticed the hair on the tips of her ear and the backside of her ear was getting thinner and the tips looked white and crusty. Took her to another vet and they said it's probably allergies after they did a skin scrape so gave her an injection and meds. After a few visits and rounds of shots with no results I took her to another vet. The vet also did a skin scrape and stated she had sarcoptic mange. I used revolution drops every 2 weeks for 6 weeks and she was good to go. Doesn't mean your dog has this but just something to keep an eye on.

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