Dog put on bland diet by vet for upset stomach now won't have a bowel movement vet says to stay on diet. Any suggestions

Our dog had thrown up a couple times and had loose stools. we took her to the vet and the vet said to put her on a bland diet of boiled rice and hamburg. She has not thrown up since but now after 3 days has not had a bowel movement. Should we be worried. Would love some opinions or feedback. Thank you!

Asked by Tela on Nov 27th 2007 in Other Health & Wellness
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I would worry. there isn't anything in that, that should be causing constipation (indeed, just the opposite), so I would worry that there is some type of obstruction. the vomiting and loose stool also can be indicative of an obstruction.

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There are 2 big things that we are very scared of with our pups. They are not eating/change of appetite combined with changes in bowl movements.

The reason is that these were the symptoms that Otis experienced. All of his behaviors put together made it difficult for us and for our vet to know just how bad things were before it was too late. The main root symptoms, though, were those two things. We lost Otis because he had an obstruction from a foreign body that perforated his intestines. He was a very big dog and had been through 5 surgeries in the past 9 months so I'm not sure what would have happened if they had operated sooner, but at this point, I would request xrays and a very thorough examination for your pup. These may help you find out what is causing this.

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XIBA (Sheba) In Memory of.

You may be giving your pup too much of the rice (it's a starch & will bind up an animal if given too much.

Whenever our dogs get a little "runny" or loose bm's we always gave them a little canned pumpkin. (NOT the pumpkin pie mix-but PURE, PLAIN canned pumpkin) Libby's is usually the brand we find around here..

We have 2 Pom's (they weigh no more then 5 lbs each) so we only give them about a teaspoon of the pumpkin mixed in w/their food (they eat Wellness Senior -dry).

Our bigger doggie Sheba-12 year old Belgian Malinois gets about a tablespoon mixed into her food if her bm's start to get loose..
Pumpkim is FIBER and it will help solidify the stool.

It seems to work pretty quickly (w/in a few days or even quicker depending on how well your dogs digestive system takes it).

It will NOT hurt dogs (not sure about kitties) but our holistic vet told us about this "home remedy" and it has worked wonders..

Good luck & I hope your pooch is feeling better soon!

XIBA (Sheba) In Memory of. answered on 11/28/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Another good thing to do is feed them bread... it seems to get vomiting to go away as well as loose stools. You can also put your dog on Science Diet which has Beef and Rice formula, Venison and Rice, as well as Chicken and Rice formula. I would put them on that kind of food any day.... dry food it much better than wet food!

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I would definitely call the vet if it has been three days. If only to make yourself feel better about what is happening.

As long as the dog isn't straining to have a bowel movement, it is probably just fine. Once they get emptied out and then put on a bland diet, it can take while before they go again.

I remember when we put Jack on a bland diet of baked chicken and rice when he was about 3 months old. He was being treated for a parasite and had a bad gastrointestinal reaction to the deworming medication, at the same time. It was awful. He went from very loose, frequent stools to literally not pooping for about 72 hours. He did go on the morning of the third day, and I do remember our vet saying sometimes the rice does bind them up.

BTW, I wouldn't call ground beef "bland." It is extremely greasy and fatty and could be making things worse.

Why not try plain baked, skinless chicken breast. Just stick it in foil and bake it and then mix it up with the white rice.

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What we prescribe for animals that need a bland diet is Hill's prescription diet I/D. It is a very bland diet, comes in canned or dry, and is what we send home with animals that have vomiting, major surgery on the intestine, or upset stomach.

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Feed her some pumpkin, right out of the can. This is what my vet told me to use when I had a similiar problem with my yorkie.

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