Dog lost consciousness.

As my fiancé and I got home from work, we got into the house and I knelt down to pick up my dog, Chomper (5lb minpin) while my fiance was headed to the bathroom. Chomper sprinted to the door and ran into my fiance's heel. He let out a loud yelp than was knocked completely unconscious. It almost looked like he started to have a seizure. I quickly scooped his limp body up and ran into the car to head to the emergency vet. I opened his mouth and his tongue had turned blue/purple, I could hardly see his pupils in his eyes. I checked his airways there was no blockage but he wasn't breathing and I couldn't find a heartbeat. I gave him mouth to mouth and a chest compression which got him breathing again and causing him to pee and poop all over me. He whined until we got to the vet (maybe 30 mins) Once there he was back to himself playing. The vet said he shows no signs of any damage nor a concussion and watch to make sure he eats, and doesn't wobble. I'm concerned. What could it have been?

Asked by Chomper on Sep 6th 2013 in Emergencies & First Aid
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