Dog keeps licking it's bottom

#1 Dog is not in it's familiar surroundings #2 Dog drags her bottom around the ground (this is the first time she did this)

Asked by Member 656027 on Jul 16th 2008 in Senior Pet
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Anal sacs typically need pressure from firm stools in order to release fluid properly.Giving your pet human food can cause the stools to be unusually soft,making it more likely that the will build up.To help prevent this.make sure he sticks to an animal-food diet.

Although it's not an appealing task,emptying (expressing your pet's anal sacs is perhaps the best way to releive the problem.Professionals can ofter do a more thorough job because they're adept at various techniques.Bur there's no reason you can't at least try it at home first.Here's what vets recommend.

1.Tote him to the tub.That you way you can bathe any remaining smell off your pet afterwards.If your pet won't get into,at least take him to an area without carpeting and protect the floor with a layer of newspapers.

2.Don a pair of latex gloves.It's also a good idea to have a few paper towels or damp cloth to help clean up the mess.You'll be glad you did.

3.Get in position.Kneeling down at your pet's side (or staning if you put her on a table),lift his tail with one hand and hold a cloth or paper towel in the other to catch the secrections.(Don't stand directly behind him or you could get in the line of fire),

4.Take aim with your fingers.A dog's anal sac extend from both sides of the main anal opening to about the five and seven o'clock positions outside the circumference of the anus.
If the sacs are full,you should be able to feel them as two hard bulges,often not much larger than a pea.With the hand that's holding the towel,place your thumb and forefinger on either side of the anal opening and gently press inward.Just make sure the anus is covered with the towle.You can actually feel the sac empty as you sqeeze.The fluid that comes out may be thin or thick,with colours ranging from yellow to light gray or brown.if nothing comes out at first,slightly adjust the position of your fingers and try again.If you still come up dry,take a break and consult your vet.Pushing too hard can be painful for your pet.It can also damage the sacs.A dogs anal sacs are located at the five and seven o'clock positions.

While blocked anal sacs can sometimes be treated at home,there are times you're going to need an expert's care.For example,if your flinches with pain when you touch the anal area,or if you see swelling,sores or growths,he could have abscesses,polyps or an anal sac infection.See your vet right away if the glands are difficult or impossible to empty or if the expressed fluids contain blood,pus or pasty black substance.In some cases your vet may recommend surgery to remove the sacs,particulary if the gland are becoming blocked frequently.It's not a simple procedure,but in some cases it's necessary for the animals comfort and health.
I hope this helps!Nicoel.D.

Follow up-
They can enlarge and cause rectal itching. Certain types of parasites like tapeworms can also cause itching in that area.

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