Dog is not pooping! ~24 hours

I have an unneutered, 50-60lb Female Black Lab (3Y/old). She has not had a bowl movement in about 24 hours now (I've walked her 5-6 times today).

-She is urinating as usual

-No Vomiting, though she was trying to eat grass outside.

-I don't think she's eaten anything other than normal "Loyall" dog food, Milkbone treats, and maybe a tiny bit off her rawhide bone (she usually saves them)

-She is sniffing her rear end often as I walk her, which is unusual

-She has been refusing to jump, which is unlike her - she usually jumps on/over everything. She IS running and playing as normal though.

-No unusual signs of drowsiness.

-Stomach does feel full, but nothing extreme.

-She was given a dose of Oral Ivermectin as prescribed by the vet. He last bowl movement was perfectly normal, no blood or anything unusual.

Does this sound like typical constipation? Or should I be worried? I intend to call the vet if it continues, I just wanted to get an opinion just in case.

Asked by Member 1109219 on May 4th 2012 Tagged dog, constipation, ivermectin in Other Health & Wellness
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I would take her to the vet just incase. it does sound like constipation but i would still take her just incase it might be something different.

Carter answered on 5/4/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


take her to the vet, for a colonic irrigation. immediately. It may sound gross, but if you wait surgical disimpaction will be necessary.

colonic irrigation : (Graphic)

they first apply analgesic lubricant to lube up and numb her anus so that it can stretch wider than it does when she normally tries to poo, then lay her on her left side and stick a special large tube (actually two tubes in one) up her butt and pump large volumes of fluid (warm water and a lubricant) into her colon, while massaging her belly to ensure there is no discomfort, to wash her feces out through the large tube. the smaller tube is for fresh water/lubricant, and the large one, is the waste tube. the nozzle section has to be a snug fit even before the balloon to keep it in place is inflated, so that it does not become clogged with feces. air is first instilled to inflate the rectum and aid in insertion of the large nozzle. water flows in the little tube, and water, gas, and poop come out through the big tube.

Member 1060438 answered on 5/10/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer