Dog is hypersalivating, clear drool

My male Pug, a little over a year, is drooling quite a bit. It is clear, and my wife and I already tried to find foreing objects in his mouth, but nothing was visible.
He seems a little more tired or depressed but he is acting fairly normal outside.
He use to love getting his belly scratched but he won't even turn over, does he have a belly ache maybe?
Thanks all!

Asked by Member 1180388 on Jul 15th 2013 Tagged drool in Health & Wellness
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You should have your vet check him. It's possible he is having an allergic reaction to something such as a spider bite, a bee sting, or other allergen, toxic, or irritating substance. This behavior is also a symptom of bloat (small dogs can get bloat too, its not only a big dog problem) or other problem causing nauses and stomach pain.

Destiny answered on 7/30/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer