Dog escapes in apartment complex and unfamiliar neighbor tries corral him and pulls neighbor down can she sue me ???

Ok, so here is my dilemma, my sister was watching my 1.5 year old lab, bull dog mix weighs 55-60lbs and such a goof ball and sweetest pup ever mind you no b.s...and well he escapes by opening my sliding door when shes in the shower to go on his own walk. well anyway one of my neighbors who i don't know mind you tries to grab my dog by the leash being neighborly in her eyes by walking him home she spooks him and he tries running away and she gets pulled down bc shes trying to hold him back... well next thing you know here comes the hospital bill threats and the mri my mind its a stray dog you do not have any experience with and your not animal control don't touch it bc your putting yourself in harms reach.. im thinking my poor dogs thinking stranger danger lol and goes into flight mode and this lady gets pulled down trying to hold him back, that's her fault! please leave a few comments for me im 24 year old college student and broke mind you no room for lawsuits... thank you

Asked by Member 1108199 on Apr 28th 2012 in Other Laws & Legislation
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