does this system also provide potty training techniques? We just got a 6 mo old pom and he is going potty all over.

we take him out numerous times a day, but he prefers to do it in the house

Asked by Member 1073292 on Nov 26th 2011 in House Soiling
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Sanka- I'll Miss You

What system?

If the dog is peeing in the house, first step is to clean it with a cleaner designed to eliminate pee odor. If the house smells like a bathroom to the dog, they're going to go inside.

Second step is to decrease the dog's freedom. Crate when you can't supervise. Try tethering if you can't supervise either. The dog isn't ready for so much freedom. They earn their freedom by peeing outside.

Third step is to have a set schedule. Always go outside at the same time everyday. Make a note of when your dog usually has to pee or poo. If a dog knows they will have a chance to pee in a bit, they will hold it. If they have no idea when they'll get the chance to relieve themselves, they'll just go.

Lastly, praise your pup right after they do their business outside. If the pup starts to do their business inside, interrupt them and bring them outside to finish. Once finished, praise!

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