how to tell if a dog is pregnant?

My dog had her first experience unexpectantly and they got "stuck" together. I do not know how long the process lasted, because we went running whenever we heard the yips. We couldn't get then apart, so we through water on them. After a couple minutes the male released. My question is how will I tell if she will become pregnant after this experience?

Asked by Member 534236 on Nov 21st 2007 in Pregnancy
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The best way to determine if you dog is pregnant is to take her to the vet. Between 20 to 30 days from conception your vet will be able to tell by feeling the abdomen of your dog. They can also do an ultra sound at 25 days.

You may be able to tell by observation as well. By 5 to 6 weeks your female may be filling out and her breast may be getting larger. This is not always accurate because it depends on the female and it depends on the number of puppies. I had a female that had one puppy and I could barely tell she was pregnant even up to the day that she whelped. I also had a Miniature Schnauzer with 7 puppies who was really showing by 5 weeks and had trouble moving by the time she whelped.

As stated the best way to tell is to go to the vet. Your female should be examined by a vet prior to whelping so you could achieve both goals by the one visit. You may also want to talk to your vet about spaying your female after she has her pups so you won't have this problem again.

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The easiest and fastest way to tell whether your dog is pregnant is to make an appointment with your vet and have them check her out.

You can have blood drawn at the vet and they can tell you based on that. Alternatively, you can tell by ultrasound or radiograph. Ultrasound will be able to tell you at 30 days into the pregnancy, radiograph at 45.

If your dog is pregnant and you don't want the puppies, you can ask your vet about a spay termination. Spay termination aborts all of the puppies if your female is pregnant and also spays her so she will not be able to become pregnant in the future. If your female is less than 2 years old, a mixed breed, or outside her breed's standard in height, color, or temperament, this is the procedure that makes the most sense because she really should not be bred.

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Maximillion Bear Bonapardt

since they were stuck that is usually how she they become pregnant, because at that point he releases sperm

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Barbie May

The deed was done!!! Locking up comes after. It is normal and you can damage or hurt them trying to unlock them, it happens after his thing shrinks back down.Normally she starts showing about 2-3 wks. 62-62 days until she is a mommy

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