Does Chewy look English or American?

Just curious does Chewy look like an American or English style labrador retriever.He is very big and tall and he is purebred his parents were AKC registered purebred labradors.His mother was a white colored yellow labrador and his dad was a black labrador that was on the large side,im not exactly sure but, the dad was around chewys size maybe smaller like 87-95lbs but not as tall.Chewy stands 27 inches at the shoulder and weighs 103 lbs.As you can see in his picture and videos he is not overweight.He was also looked at by a vet when he was a pup and the vet said he was purebred and even in his last visit the vet could tell he was a purebred dog.Yeah i know his size is a big fault when compared to the standard and all that so i don't need anyone telling me that or telling me he is a mixed breed.He is one in a handful of big labs and i have read some labs can exceed 100lbs,at six weeks old chewy was over ten pounds and had HUGE paws.

So english or american?


Asked by Chewy on Mar 2nd 2011 in Labrador Retriever
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Bruno CGC

NEITHER! Most labs in America are a blend of the two strains- "English" is misleading because ALL show labs are that type, whether they are in England or not. Better to call it "Show" or "Bench" type. "American" is the same way, a better word for that type is "Field" or "Working". Show Labs tend to be shorter, stouter, and more calm. Field Labs are slightly taller, more slender build, shorter hair, and much more energetic. Both are very intelligent and friendly, it's a general Lab thing.

Most pet-bred Labs (meaning that their parents were not show OR working dogs) are a blend of the two types. Puppymills and amature breeders ("back yard breeders" or BYBs) take whatever dogs they can get, regardless of type, so the offspring will be mixed.

And neither type is as big as Chewy. Both show and field Labs will be more like 70 lbs, not 103. Extra-big Labs are a BYB specialty, unfortunately.

Bruno CGC answered on 3/2/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 3 Report this answer


Agree with Bruno... He's probably a blend of the two.

Ellie answered on 3/3/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer