Does anyone know of a rescue organization that would take a 3 year old Australian Shepherd that has bit someone?

My mother has recently decided to put her australian shepherds (2, bro & sis) up for adoption. A couple was looking at the male dog and he bit one of them. Is it hopeless from here? Would any rescue agencies or rehabilitation places take him?

Asked by Member 1116653 on Jun 20th 2012 Tagged rescue, rehabilitation in Adoption & Rescue
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There's many people who would take him in, believe me on this one.

Are you on Facebook? If so, please post a really good picture of him and a really good description of him on your page, your friend's pages, dog/pet and/or dog/pet related pages and dog/pet groups. You'll find him a home REALLY quickly if you would do all of the above.

Friend animal cross posters/animal lovers/rescues/shelters on Facebook, post on their pages about him.

Join all of the dog groups that you can that are active and have a lot of members in them. Post in all of these type of group about him.

Of course, if anyone is interested in rescuing him, ask them a series of questions, if they don't answer or decline/ignore your questions, they're not right for your dog. People you have a bad feeling about, they're not right for your dog or if someone answers one of the questions and doesn't answer it "right", they're not the right owners for the dog.

Meet up with potential adopters and do a home check. Good luck

Member 930032 answered on 6/20/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Totally depends on the severity and circumstances of the bite. Aussies are often suspicious of strangers and territorial (befitting a farm dog, whose duty was to protect the home and livestock as well as herding them) so bites are actually not that rare...

Maybe try contacting this group for help?

Maggie answered on 6/20/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Please also be away that you can be legally responsible if you place the dog and it bites again. Be sure you disclose this information to any rescue you place him with and don't try to cover it up. This way he can be carefully monitored as to the home he is placed in.
Good luck!

Member 641257 answered on 6/20/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Most rescues won't take a dog with a bite record, Documented or not. It is good to disclose this information when trying to find a place to take him.
You need to ascertain what provoked the attack. Australian Shepherds are biters, unless they are carefully trained by an experienced owner to curb unwanted behavior. I'd start with an Australian Shepherd rescue. They know the breed and would be able to advise you further.
Ask yourself, though before letting it go into the hands of someone else, am I prepared to be responsible if this dog injures someone else?
The best of luck to you in your unfortunate situation.
Why did your mother decide to put them up for adoption? Perhaps you could suggest her taking them to some agility classes or rally obedience. Working with your dogs makes a strong bond, it's a lot of fun and I haven't known a soul who's dogs didn't enrich their lives when the owners put some time and effort into the relationship.

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