Does anyone have experience with canine cancer in a one-year-old dog?

We just learned that our 1 1/2 year old Labrador (not pure bread) has a malignant mast cell tumor. These are prevalent among older dogs, but for such a young dog to have this, is largely uncommon. to make matters worse, the tumor is located on her left ear pinna (ear flap) very close to her head. Chemotherapy is not an option. Her entire pinna will have to be removed (which will look weird, but may keep her alive, so I'm not complaining just mentioning it - it's freaking out the kids a bit). I'd really like to know if anyone else has experienced a mast cell in a younger dog. I'd like to engage in more dialogue with you. Your story (hopefully survival) may be of tremendous support to my family - and the two children who held her when Jilly-Boo weighed a mere 8 pounds. We meet with the oncologist/surgeon next week (4/30/13) to discuss the surgery. Thank you.

Asked by Jilly-Boo on Apr 27th 2013 in Cancer
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