Does anyone have an adoptable Belgian Tervuren or German Shepherd Collie cross available?

My best friend growing up was a rescue found as a puppy wandering around the high school where my Dad taught. I believe she was likely a cross between a German Shepherd or a Belgian Tervuren and a Collie. Fluffy (I named her, I was 3) and I were inseparable until she passed away in my arms when I was fifteen. I have a four year old son who will likely be an only child, and I would love to find a similar dog for him. I believe Fluffy taught me about unconditional love and the responsibility we have to our non human family members. Needless to say I'd like that same opportunity for my son.

Asked by Member 738660 on Sep 24th 2008 Tagged adoption, tervuren, collie in Adoption
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If you can't find what you are looking for on Dogster, I would check out You can search for dogs by breed and sort them by zip code, so you can see which ones are closest to your area.

They also have a lot of information on choosing the right dog for your family.

Good Luck!

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