Does anyone have a Doberman or would like to share some information about them?

I have been thinking about gettng a Doberman. I definetley know I want another rescue pup. I would like to get another dog so my puppy Shadow could have a brother. I love Dobermans and would really enjoy owning one! I would really like more information about them though. I know I could search under the Google search system but I would love to get information from people on Dogster whom I know are knowledgable or even get a recommended website. I would love to know all the different markings and colors, their temperment, is it better to get a purebred or a mix, how big they would get, and etc. I defenitley know I want a male Doberman. Thank you so much for helping me out!

Asked by Member 1004976 on Oct 18th 2011 Tagged doberman, pinschers, breeds, adoption, purebred, mutt, male, information in Doberman Pinscher
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This, and a lot of you other questions, would get more attention & responses in the Forums. Repost this one in Choosing The Right Dog & I am sure you will hear from tons of dobie owners. Plus you can have a back & forth dialogue. Good luck :)

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Dobermans are one of my favorite dog breeds and I've researched them throughout the years as well.

About: The Doberman is a loyal, courageous, loving, brave, protective, active dog! They are usually great with kids and other animals IF well socialized and trained properly. Dobermans CAN be overly protective and need work to prevent them from being overly protective.

Temperament: Dobermans CAN be very DA (Dog Aggressive) IF not well trained and socialized. Dobermans are highly intelligent and are usually are eager to please, easy to train and are highly intelligent. Dobermans love their people. Dobermans can be softies and can be gentle so this is good if you have kids. Dobermans CAN be stubborn but I've never seen a stubborn Doberman.

Activity: Dobermans are used for and as show dogs, Schutzhund, police dogs, search and rescue, agility, flyball, rally, obedience training and tracking.

Exercise: Dobermans need at least two daily long walks and an activity or job of some sort. Dobermans are active dogs.

Training: Dobermans NEED training. Training includes basic and advanced commands (basic commands are sit, down, heel, stay, come. Advanced commands are stop, go, in, back up, out, shake body, shake paws, high five, low five, rollover, attack, fetch, leave it, drop it, speak, give, go to bed, go to crate, etc). Training also includes house and crate training and know how to walk on and off leash well.

Best owner: Keep in mind that these breeds are NOT for everyone, these breeds are for people who know this breed and have experience with this breed. These breeds need a strong, dominant owner who can control this breed if needed. Dobermans need an owner who is willing to take the time to train and socialize it and give it the exercise and attention it needs.

Diet/Food: The Doberman needs a good diet. Grocery store brands are NOT a food for Dobermans or any breed or type of dog. Dobermans need to be fed a high quality brand of food. Brands I recommend are Orijen, Solid Gold, Honest Kitchen, Holistic Selects, Primal Pet Foods and Timberwolf Organics. A raw diet or home cooked diet would also be a great choice. Read about what's REALLY in pet food here -

If you're interested in feeding a raw diet or a home cooked diet, check out these Dogster threads -

Do NOT overfeed your Doberman, they get obese easily.

Pros and Cons of Owning A Doberman: May fight with other dogs, needs a lot of exercise, MUST be purchased from a responsible and good shelter, rescue or breeder, can have a high prey drive and kill small animals, easy to groom, eager to please, quiet.

BSL (Breed Specific Legislation): Check in your area to see if Dobermans are allowed, Dobermans are banned in many places across the USA because they are considered "dangerous" when they are total sweethearts. A person makes a mean dog, dogs do NOT make themselves mean. BSL was started because of pure ignorance and discrimination.

Colors: Black and tan, silver and tan, red, white (Dobermans who are white are usually deaf and/or blind and do get sunburn easily because they are albino), blue and fawn.

Weight/Height: Weight - 60-85 pounds. Height: 25-29 inches.

Purebred or mixed?: That really just depends on what you want. I like both purebred and mixed breed dogs, so either one is fine.

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