Does a 2 month old lab puppy have webbed paws and flat tail?

I have a 2 month old male lab puppy but he doesn't have webbed paws.I think that he is not a pure breed.Can you tell me whether he is a pure breed or not?He does not have a flat tail as well.

Asked by Member 1031605 on May 2nd 2011 Tagged lab, puppy, webbedpaws, flattail in Breeds
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At two months old his feet would most likely look like ANY puppy foot... the webbing referred to in a lab's feet is quite subtle... their toes are not exactly attached to each other or anything like that, they just have a bit more tissue between the base of each toe. MANY other breeds also have so-called webbed feet as well.
I have raised and shown labradors for over 40 years and have never seen one yet with a flat tail, and hope I never do!!! The lab tail is described as an otter tail, very ROUND and thick, not flat.
At two months it would be pretty much impossible to tell for sure whether or not your pup is purebred without DNA testing, even with photos.

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