Do you think my dog could be pregnant?

So my bitch tied with my male on december 27. I think her discharge was still bloody, so I thought maybe she wouldn't take. They went outside alone (usually they only way they'll mate) again on decmeber 29. Both ties were for about 10 minutes. I'm not sure when she started her heat cycle because the male in the beginning wasn't very "enhanced" by her as usual. But yesterday her discharge started becoming a lightish brown. It's not heavy because the only way you can see it is by taking tissue and dabbing her vulva. Now I'm thinking "my female took before she was fertile!" or " is she ending her heat cycle now..". And now I don't think she's pregnant. If she is she'd be 1 week pregnant. So what signs should I look for in the second week? 3rdnweek? And so on.. And should I mate them again? Thanks!

Asked by Member 1147560 on Jan 1st 2013 in Pregnancy
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I have to assume you didn't do any progesterone testing to determine the optimal breeding time???
The only thing you can do now is wait until the whelps are attached to the uterus and have an ultrasound done to determine pregnancy, usually a minimum of 24 days post breeding.
You can only allow them to mate while she is receptive and I certainly would not do that without a progesterone test indicating she has/has not ovulated yet.
All of these questions of yours could have/should have been answered by having progesterone testing done from when she first came into heat until they indicated she had ovulated. Not only would she have been bred at the appropriate time but you would have a good date to base her whelping date on as well. Now you can only guess when she is due, if she is actually pregnant at all.

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