Do you cropp ears,and if so how much

Earcropping for a blue bullie pit and cost for crop

Asked by Member 1158714 on Mar 10th 2013 in Vaccinations
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Dogster is an internet site of people who love dogs, not a veterinary clinic. Answers is for asking questions and getting an answer from one of these readers, none of which are veterinarians.
Please reconsider cropping your dog's ears...the pain and trauma of having ears cut off far outweighs the result. Most veterinarians will not crop ears nowadays, and most are against the practice of cutting body parts off for cosmetic reasons.
However, if you must get your dog cropped, make sure you DO have it done by a licensed vet who will use sterile instruments, proper antibiotics and pain killers and proper anesthesia. Many back yard crops end up with serious infections and some of these dogs even die from them. Others are so traumatized by the procedure that their temperaments are forever ruined.
Think about whether or not you want to subject your baby to this pain and suffering, please!

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