Do you always have to pay an adoption fee to adopt a dog?

Is the adoption fee necessary to adopt the dog? Is there any way to adopt the dog without having to pay?

Asked by Member 510212 on Nov 13th 2007 in The Adoption Process
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If you go through a rescue or shelter you will have to pay an adoption fee. I have rarely seen a rescue not charge even a small fee. Sometimes if you look in the paper they will have free dogs. Another place to find free dogs is Go to your state and then area closest to you and there you will find a pet section. Everything from cats, birds and dogs along with pet related items for sale. Most dogs are free, some with small fee to sales price. Most are people looking for good homes for there pet. I found Memphis our Dane on craigslist and our Golden was posted on craigslist before coming to us. Her owners were offering her to a good home for free. Just be careful, ask a lot of questions and use your best judgement when getting a free dog.

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Memphis gave you great advice.

When you adopt a dog from a shelter or from a rescue, you have to expect to pay an adoption fee. Those range from $25 at a county animal control shelters to $300+ from a reputable rescue.

Rescues' prices are higher because they put a lot more money into their dogs before adoption. Their dogs are kept in foster homes. They often require a lot of vet treatment. They are altered prior to adoption, up-to-date on shots, and healthy.

Shelters charge less because they do a minimum of vet work - rabies shot and testing for heartworm. They feed cheap food and usually don't work with the dogs before they're adopted. They're also usually supported by the county and don't rely solely on donations and adoption fees to keep them running.

There are lots of place where you can get a FREE dog such as the newspaper of Craig's List. Note that with a free dog, you may well get what you pay for. You may end up having to pay thousands in vet bills or training fees.

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~Emma~ RL1

whenever we begged our father for one of the "free" dogs he would always say "free just means there has been NO vet work." just my two cents worth
good answers from Memphis and Abby K-9

~Emma~ RL1 answered on 11/14/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


The adoption fee is necessary because it helps the rescue group care for the animals. Rarely do animals come into rescue in perfect health without any needs such as spay/neuter or meds. Many times the fee you pay goes to help animals in more need. . . broken leg, pneumonia, removal of tumors, dentals, etc. As a rescue person, I typically have to spend a few hundred dollars of my own money because there isn't enough to go around, so giving pets for free just isn't possible. . . also, you have to realize that the cheapest part of owning a pet is the purchase price. After that come vet bills, food, training, and item costs.

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