Do they sell Megaderm in the US? If not, what is the next best option?

I usually use Megaderm for my dogs but I cannot find it in the US. (Megaderm is an oral nutritional supplement for dogs and cats providing the appropriate ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids for correcting EFA responsive changes in the skin. Aids in the nutritional support of pruritic and inflamed skin and can also reduce the use of anti-inflammatory medications.) I was wondering, for those who have experience with their dogs and skin allergies/problems, what is the next best option for my friend's dog, Astro? Thank you!

Asked by Astro on Feb 24th 2012 Tagged allergies, skin, sensitive, itching, inflamed, nutrition, vitamins, supplements, oral, food in Vitamin Supplements
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Pet vitamins and supplements can fill in the gaps to help keep your pet healthy.I give it to my dog
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