Disability dogs and pet rent?

I have my American Eskimo dog (Samantha) who is not only my furry child, but she is my disability dog. She is passing on from lung cancer. It’s been a rough time for Samantha and me. I am acquiring a puppy (Daphne) and she will not only be my furry child to, but also my disability dog. I do not pay pet rent on for Samantha, as she is also my disability dog.
The question I have is when I acquire Daphne and I still have Samantha as she may have not passed on when I obtain my puppy should I have to pay for the puppy on my rent when Samantha is passing away? I know Samantha will not be with me to much longer, but I want her to get to know her new little sister before she passes. However, I would not think I would have to pay pet rent for Daphne when Samantha is passing on. The landlord will end up paying back my deposit and any pet rent I paid for Daphne in the past once Samantha has passed on to Rainbow bridge. Yes, I would certainly think I would get my money returned, but I am on a very tight budget with added expenses lately for Samantha’s medicine and other medical care. The money belt is getting low, so I need to hang on to what money I have for Samantha’s care. Anyone have suggestions for my not having to pay a large deposit and monthly rent for Daphne when it will eventually have to be paid back to me once Samantha is gone? This landlord is deceitful and tries to get any money she can from tenants and will make every excuse to possibly not return their money. The only other thing I can think of is talking to my physician and she writing a letter saying that Samantha is passing on and that Daphne needs to be with us so that I can train her, etc. Daphne is needed to be with me to get me through my hard times of my disabilities and therefore, I should not be charged excessive fee’s for Daphne before Samantha passing. Daphne will not only be my new baby girl, but she will be helping her big sister (Samantha) get through her difficult illness and her passing on. The landlord is so cold hearted she wouldn’t care what Samantha, Daphne, and I will be enduring with Samantha’s illness and her passing. I cannot emphasize how cold hearted this landlord is not just toward my situation, but every tenants situations. She went so far to have one tenant in tears. This tenant is on dialysis and seriously ill. As mentioned, this landlord harasses tenants and I feel she will harass me also. Money is everything to her and will go to any extreme to get money from tenants with no empathy what so ever for tenants and their pets. She wants pets to live in our apartment community, but it’s not her love of pets which she highly lacks in, but her love for money. She uses our pets just for financial gain. I get so tired of people using pets for financial gain when pets are our family, period. Pets need love and admiration just as we humans do.
Has anyone ever encountered this situation with losing a pet and obtaining a new one before the other one passes on and lives in an apartment building? I hope someone can help answer my questions.
Thank you

Asked by Member 1110659 on Apr 23rd 2013 Tagged petrent, disabilities, landlorddevious in Bringing Your Pet Home
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Disability dog? Do you mean Service Dog? Or Emotional Support Animal? SDs & ESAs are NOT pets, so are exempt from "pet rules."
Good idea for a doctor's note.
You will get a much better response to this if you post on the main community forums in the Service Dog Forum.
There are many folks there who have tons of knowledge on the ADA and housing issues.

answered on Apr 23rd.

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You live in Colorado? If you are disabled and your dog provides assistance for you, helping to compensate for the disability, your dog is a service dog. And you have rights.

According to the ADA, it is not legal to charge a service fee of any kind for a service animal. Your landlord may be breaking the law.
Please contact the ADA and find out what rights you have. They will investigate for you and may be able to get any fees already paid, refunded to you.
Link to ADA website:
ADA info on service dogs:

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