Did I make a mistake by adopting a second dog?

I adopted my 1st dog Maizie in July 2012. I thought she would enjoy a playmate so after a lengthy search I adopted another dog. Maizie is a neutered female mutt- chihuahua/Jack Russel around 1 y.o. She is 14 lbs of love. Funny, sweet, silly, sneaky, playful. Very much a Jack without the hyperactivity. The new dog is Murphy. He is around 22lbs, neutered, estimated @ 1 y.o. He is VERY playful, needs training but is learning fast, is very motivated by treats and once he calms down is a real sweet guy. He is part terrier of some sort but mixed with possibly a lab or collie, maybe shepherd. He too is silly, playful, funny, but is sort of big, strong, and clumsy. The first couple days the dogs were interacting fine together. The past couple days things have gone down hill. Maizie has become very stressed. She sits and trembles, hides, tries to get out of the house, refuses to come in the house...and this is while Murphy is in his crate. Is this a situation that will improve in time?

Asked by Member 1150379 on Jan 16th 2013 Tagged seconddog, trembling, fear in Adoption & Rescue
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this will improve over time it may take a while because that is what happened to me before

Harley answered on 1/16/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Are you sure you havent misse something... has he bit her or is he dominating her without you realising, study them carefully... if there are no signs then it shuld get better some dogs dont like change and will change in behavier suddenly... hope things work out xx

Milly answered on 1/20/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer