dachshund colors and markings

definition of dachshund colors and examples

Asked by Member 1027814 on Mar 24th 2011 Tagged colors, markings in Dachshund
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Red,black,chocolate,cream,black and tan,Black and cream, chocolate and tan dapple,cream dapple,Black and tan dapple, Chocolate and cream dapple, Chocolate and tan, Chocolate and cream, Black and cream dapple,Red dapple, isabella and tan dapple, isabella and cream dapple, isabella and tan, Red and white piebald, Black and white piebald, Choclate and white piebald, isabella and white piebald, And BEWEAR a double dapple most are not health and live short lives. Some dachshund can have brindle markings and dapple's can have blue eyes. They have 3 coats short hair long hair and wire hair. If your looking for a dachshund be sure to go to a good breeder or rescue group.

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