Crate training new puppy at night - best practice?

I've been researching about crate training and how a puppy should only be let out when it is calm and not barking/crying to be released - this makes sense. But at night the advice seems to be that the puppy will wake up for the toilet and cry to be let out, so should be given a toilet break - this seem contradictory information.

Can anyone provide some clarity on this?


Asked by Member 1184639 on Aug 8th 2013 Tagged puppy, cratetraining, night, toilet in Puppies
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Tasha (in memory)

Puppy bladders are small at first, so what they mean is that you can't expect your pup to hold it all night... for the first 4-5 months, that is. There's a great PetsMart manual on crate training that is only $5 by the training section. Go in and take a look at it. You can also get potty bells to hang on the front or back door that your pup can ring whenever he or she needs to go out. ^_^

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