Crate Training My dog is actually hurting himself well it looks that way

Buddy has been in his crate for three days
Day 1 he ate the blanket i put in there for him and scratched his nose
Day 2 I removed the shredded blanket and put a pillow yeh there was stuffing everywhere and scratched his nose some more oh and he pee pee in there to
Day three i went home for lunch to check on him and he has scratched his nose some more its in the same place i cant see whats in the crate that he could be doing this on. I have applied this sulfer liquid for dogs for scratches but it wont heal if he continues now im scared it will end up infected or scare his cute face help any suggestions

Asked by Buddy on Jan 31st 2008 Tagged health, training in Crate Training
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Gray Dawn Treader

It sounds to me like you have not been exercising him and letting him out for potty time right before going into the crate to me. You should give him a long walk before crate and time after crate time. If a walk won't do, play ball with him until he's tired before crate time. About peeing in the crate? Either, the crate is too big or you need to let him out to go to the bathroom before puting him in.

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Felix-Rescue for Adoption! AVA

I wouldn't put any more "bedding" in the crate. Dogs like to sleep on blankets & cushions but some abhore having them in their kennel. They will dig on them and get stressed. Is it a wire kennel or a plastic kennel? If it's a wire crate, he may be digging and pushing on the door and trying to get it open. I've noticed the wire crate doors are more flexible than the plastic crates even though I like the wire crates better overall. Have you given him a bone or something he enjoys? If you can find a way to keep him busy, maybe he'll sleep or forget about trying to escape. I'd also try the crate in smaller time increments when you are home. You can also try crating him at night in your room and you can get on to him when he starts freaking out. It's only been 3 days and it sounds like you went from "no crate" to "crated for a few hours every day" pretty quickly. He needs time to adjust. Eventually the crate should be a safe haven for him and he'll go in it even when he's not required to

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Alex never liked his crate either. We tried to make it a fun place, but that didn't help either, he would just cry and cry. So now he has a room with all his toys and beds and he does just fine. I think you know your dog and if you think a crate is not a good place for him it may not be.
Before totally giving up on crating him, I would first do like I said, make it a fun place. Give him his favorite toy, or even a kong filled with his favorite treats. Also put him in there when he is tired,like after he has been playing or after a long walk, that way he may go to sleep. These are just a few ideas, I hope someone can offer a better suggestion.
Good luck!

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Ginger Smiles Primm

Buy a huge Kong and fill it with treats and pup vitamins and stop it up with peanut butter. It will keep him occupied. If he is over 1 year he may not need to be crated. You can give him a test and just go to the store with him having free run of the house. If he is generally destructive he may need to be crated.Each of my pups were given the test and passed never to be crated again.

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Haus R.I.P. my boy I miss you

A few days ago when you ask for advice on crate training we reccommended the best way to do that.It seems like all of the advice we gave you wasn't applied???This is a long process to train an adult dog that has never been in a crate. The poor dog is confused.Do 5 minute then let him out 7 minute then let him out & so on Have some one let him out several times a day when first training.Have a special toy that he likes and ONLY gets when he is in his crate.When you have a dog that has torn up your house and eats you pillows WHY would you ever put any bedding in there for him? you are going to end up spending thousands on intestinal surgey if you don't stop him from eating cloth things.The abrasions on his nose is probably from him rubbing his nose on the blanket or the pillow and making his nose raw.I have one dog that can't have anything in his crate but a few toys to chew on ofr he shreads things.You must be preventative in this phase of training or it can go horribly wrong.

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If Buddy is a Weim (and it looks like it) just accept the fact that he isnt going to stay in that crate. My 7 month old weim cut her nose and got out of her crate already. I had to house train her, (and easy for us we oun our own specialty pet store, so she comes here alot.) Honestly, they are so smart, he knows he can get out and hes going to do anything to achieve that goal. By leaving him alone in the house he might tear it to the ground though. Do you have another dog to keep him inline? Kaya's brother Sketch keeps her out of trouble while im away, but when she misses us the destruction begins! If its a possibility, take a week off of work and really train him to be home and responsable, leave him with a chew kong with peanut butter in it, take a walk down the road and back (maybe 15 min later) check on him and go from there. Good luck!!!

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I dont agree that you just have to accept that he's not going to be able to be crate trained but I do agree that it seems like you went from no crate to hours in the crate without any transition time.

Until he is completely crate trained dont put anything in there with him besides a Kong or similar. One of our pups did fine from the beginning with a crate pad but the other dog still wont leave anything alone that we put in there with him so he goes without.

You've managed to really stress him out now and it'll take even more work to get him comfortable with the crate but it can be done. You might start with feeding him in his crate to get him used to going in there on his own. After a few days of feeding him in there with the door open you can try to close the door without latching it, do that for a few days, then latch the door during feeding time. It's a progressive process. Good luck!

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