could my puggle have seperation anxiety?

my puggle gets routine walks,several times a day,does his buisness outside like normal.he knows to go outside,never been a problem.recently,id say about 2 times this month i have come home from errands to find that he has peed on the bed,the other time it was near the bed.i do not think it is my big dog because the puddle is small,he is never totally alone,there are three people in my household and one works from home but on occasion we are all three gone for short periods and this has started to happen.i have had dogs in the past that would do this mabey one or twice a year at most so i never worried about it,my puggle has a dog companion that he gets along with very well ,which is why im confused.should i tackle this now,or wait to see if it passes?i have not experienced this as i am firm with positive re-enforcement in training with both of my dogs,how do i handle this?any advice would be greatly appreciated.i am not experiencing any other behaviors associated with seperation anxiey

Asked by nelson on Oct 15th 2008 in Separation Anxiety
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My dog used to pee by the front door when I used to leave the house then I started creating him. He starting peeing in the create but eventually he stopped and I leave him out of his create now and there is no more pee any where in the house.

I guess its just a phase.

Member 747865 answered on 10/15/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer