Could my dog have hypothyroidism? Is it serious? What does it do? Please help!

My recently adopted dog, Suzy, was very fat when we adopted her. Morbidly OBESE. Shes lost a few pounds, and is down to approx. 38 lbs. She does have discoloration on her skin, a small hairless patch on her hip area, but discoloration nontheless. Instead of her soft light pink skin, it is rough, dry, scratchy brown spot, with no hair. She is a beagle, and it is apparently common in beagles, plus she is a 7 year old spayed female. She snores, and breathes sort of 'gaspy' like. Her coat is coarse.
We brought her to the vet for a basic checkup, and he said she was fine, but fat. I dont think he saw the patch, but I am unsure. I would appreciate any help and advice. She will be tested for HYPOTHYROIDISM next time she goes to the vet, in about two weeks.

Asked by Isabella "Bella" on Sep 11th 2011 Tagged hypothyroidism, obesity, fat, beagle, skin, brown, discoloration, flaky, skin in Obesity
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Wow, 38 pounds now, she must have been huge. Poor dog. It sounds like she was severely neglected. How long have you had her?

I'd give her more time, exercise, and good food, like you are doing already.

I hope you can get more weight off her as it will probably solve the breathing problem.

I'd give it about 2 months before you worry about her thyroid. Bad food and poor conditions may be responsible for her bad coat.

Glad she is in a caring home now.

Sonny answered on Sep 11th.

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