Could it be possible that my dog is shedding her puppy coat?

I have a labrador poddle cross (labradoodle). However she is a backcross (labradoodle x poodle). She currently sheds quite alot but she has curly hair on the tops of her ears and around her neck whilst the rest of her body is covered in straight hair. My mother hates shedding and I was just wondering if this is her shedding her puppy coat or if this will happen all throughout her life. If this is a permanent trait is there anything we can do to minimise the shedding?

Asked by Member 1087445 on Jan 26th 2012 Tagged shedding in Grooming
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The myth that labrador poodle crosses (or most ANY poodle cross) don't shed is just that, a myth. Some of them MAY shed less than labs or goldens but as for being non shedding, it isn't likely to happen.
In fact, even purebred poodles shed...there is no breed that doesn't. Poodles do not leave clumps of hair around the house due to the fact that most of the shed hair gets tangled in the rest of the coat and is brushed out with daily brushing, but, trust me, they DO shed.
The only way I know of to minimize shedding is to brush daily...get a good wire slicker brush and line brush...that is starting at the bottom and actually brushing in a line right up the entire body until every hair has been brushed. This will remove the loose hairs so they are not left scattered throughout the house, but, since hair is shed constantly, it will need to be done daily.
It is also important to provide a good, balanced diet. Healthy hair doesn't replace itself as often as hair lacking nutrients

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