could it be cancer??theres a lumb/bump on the side of my dogs rib

i have yorkie thats 3 years old.when he turned two in the ending of the summer, he had a failry small bump on him. at first i thut it was nothing but as time went on it became bigger. now, its a very big bump or lump. i have yet to taken him to the vetenarian because of my family's lack of money for the dog. i started to research about the lump on him but couldnt find anything. its on his upper rib cage and its hard. people told me it may be a tick that wasnt removed right or not removed at all, but that just doesnt sound right or make sense to me.his mood has never changed and he still is very hyper and playfulas the year we got him. what could this bump be? and if you know, how could he have gotten this? n how much would it cost to have it removed? and is it to late to get it removed? its been on him for over a year

Asked by Member 1017574 on Jan 1st 2011 Tagged lump, bump, ribcage in Cancer
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You should definitely take him to a vet. There is a possibility of cancer, or it could just be a benign growth. As for costs, I am not sure what the costs would be to remove his lump and have it biopsied. I do know that if it is cancer as time goes on the costs will increase and his quality of life will go down. Here are a few places I have found that might help you with your research:

Both of these sites have people that donate, people fighting dog cancer, people living with a dog that is fighting cancer, and people that have lost their dog to cancer.

I wish you the very best of luck and pray that this bump is not cancer!

Member 1017589 answered on 1/2/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


It could be a very bad bruse. I had a dog get hurt running and had a large bump on his side that was hard. We had to do a combination of hot and cold packs to get the bump to go down. But really the best thing would be to have a vet look at it. it is hard to say would it could be without seeing it in person.

Kazba answered on 1/2/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer