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Chihuahua skin problems

Cocoa has been dealing with flaky chunks of fur falling from the inside of her ears that heal slowly and grow fur at a very slow rate. Last year she experienced this same problem and was solved within 2 weeks of using Ketokonazole antifungal cream. This year she started in January and still has bald spots on her ears because the wounds heal very slowly. Now the bridge of the nose was compromised and lost some hair there too.Two days ago I noticed pimple like bumps on the top of her head and took her to he vet because I thought this whole situation was out of my control. The vet said she has had other Chi patients with the same problem and usually is a self immune response that wont allow quick healing. She said that one of the Chihuahuas she treated lost a chunk of ear due to poor healing and later gangrene. I was wondering if any other Chihuahua owners have some experience with this.To close this syndrome Cocoa has a lot of dandruff.She eats proplan sensitive skin with salmon.Any idea

Asked by Cocoa Bean on Feb 28th 2008 Tagged chihuahua, sink, dandruff, selfimmune, ears in Health & Wellness
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 Cocoa Bean

Gas your vet done a complete allergy test (blood work) on your dog? This should provide answers and solutions. I have heard of holistic medicines used in cases such as yours. We have used them with many of our rescue pets, but am not sure of which one would be good for you. I would definitely look into it. Good luck!

Cocoa Bean answered on Feb 28th.

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