Chihuahua Diets?

What is the idea Chihuahua diet for this breed?
I have heard they do not need much meat in there dog food and No beet pulp in there dog food.
Any long time Chi owners or those experienced on this breed could recommend a Good,Qualtiy dog food for this little breed. Mine is 5 yrs. old and weighs a whopping 4 lbs. lol I just want her to have the best possible and don't want her developing Kidney problems. God bless & Happy Holidays to you and yours. Thank you for any help and suggestions concerning this. -sunsetts

Asked by Member 541934 on Dec 6th 2007 Tagged qualitychihuahuafood in Pet Food
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Both my Chi's are on the raw diet. Chi's actually should be on a higher protein diet. Raw isn't really a high protein diet exactly. It's more around the lines of 24-26%.

I would recommend something grain free because our little Chi's tend to pack on weight easily and the grains will do it. Innova EVO, Timber Wold Organics, Nature's Variety, Wellness CORE,and California Naturals are just a few grain free options. They do tend to get a little pricey, but the higher the quality(especially grain free) the less you have to feed. Before Raw I was feeding Innova EVO, and my pups were fed less than a cup a day, and a little goes a long way. I would buy a 13.5lb bag and it lasted 2 months for both of my Chi's. So techically you are paying less when feeding something that is high quality and grain free.

The poops are nice too because they are much smaller and less frequent. They also dry up to white things and turn to powder after a day or 2 in the sun.

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